My thoughts on professional wall decor

It’s been about a year since I reviewed the Professional Photobook by Saal-Digital and I continue to get compliments on the book. I am — by no means — an expert photographer. I do occasionally take great photos but seeing photos outside of a screen on a tangible medium really elevates the beauty. So when I saw that Saal Digital was looking for people to test their new wall decor I jumped at the chance. Especially since my walls are bare, I moved to a new residence in late Summer last year and haven’t gotten a lot of artwork to…

A Deviation from Normal

2020 has seen a lot of changes.

I started the year off doing quarterly articles (Q1 and Q2). It was an effort to make this final article easier and shorter but I lost momentum half-way through the year when I had to switch driving trackers. I still have the data but things like tracking fill ups became more manual, so when I get to that data it’ll will be slightly less accurate.

Click the following years if you want to read 2018 or 2019

2019 vs 2020

I drove 58% less in 2020 than I did in 2019. Thanks to working from home…

We don’t talk about this enough

It affects all of us in one degree or another; we all experience this differently. Just because I don’t cry, drink a full bottle of jack over the weekend, or otherwise express myself outwardly doesn’t mean I’m not fighting a battle inside.

But yet, talking about mental health is as taboo as discussions around workplace compensation, sex, harassment, and more. And the 2020 Pandemic brought on by COVID hasn’t made things easier on any of us.

So, I’m opening up about how depression affects me. I hope this encourages others to do the same, whether online, to a close friend…

Full Blown Quarantine

Switched Car Trackers

I’ve been using Automatic to log data about my trips for almost 7 years. On May 1st they announced that they were shutting down at the end of the month, May 28th. I quickly found an alternative, Bouncie, and wrote about them here.

Quarter 2


  • 3,775 miles
  • $578.09 on gas
  • $697.00 on Operations & Maintenance

Total 2019Q2 Expenses: $1,275.09 or 33.8¢ per mile.


  • 1163.78 miles
  • $89.49 on gas
  • $156 on Operations & Maintenance

Total 2020Q2 Expenses: $245.49 or 21.09¢ per mile.

Impacts Visualized

Our shelter in place started at the end of Q1 and you can see it extend well into Q2. I still…

Another Casualty of COVID-19

On May 1st I got an email from Automatic that said they were shutting down their service in 30 days. They implied it’s due to COVID-19 having an impact on their revenue. Which was a paradoxical surprise to me.

Why this didn’t surprise me is that whenever I gave suggestions to the team on the Automatic community forums I was always met with a dismissive reason why they couldn’t implement that feature; I wasn’t asking for the moon. The app has the ability to track when you fill up at a gas station and my suggestion was to simply add…

I’m a novice and when the Dow Jones lost value it spooked me.

I want to start out by saying I am a complete amateur and novice when it comes to investing. This is a lesson I learned and sharing it so other people like me can read and make their own decisions, whether it’s in support of or against what I learned.

On Thursday May 14th, the market lost about 400 points at open, and I wasn’t confident the market would recover. We’re in a very interesting time because we’ve never been through anything like an economic shut down from a world health scare. We have countless people who unemployed and businesses…

My opinions on a high quality photo book and the software to create it


I came across an ad on Instagram for the opportunity to get a free photo-book. I tapped it and entered the required details. I got an email letting me know that my application has been submitted and a day later I was informed that I was selected and was given a voucher to create a Professional Photobook from Saal Digital.

The Software

I have a Mac mini so parts of section of the review may not be applicable to Windows. The monitor I’m using is a Dell P2715Q.

The download was super fast, at 22MB which then extracted into a very lightweight…

The First Quarterly Update

For the last two years I’ve put together a post detailing the costs associated with vehicle ownership. Here is 2018, and here is 2019. I had a major life event at the end of 2019 where I moved two-thirds across the USA, and as noted in the 2019 data my driving expenses plummeted. Here’s a look at the graph for the cost per gallon at each fill up in 2019 again.

Figure 1: 2019 Fill Up Prices

Because of this significant drop, I thought it’d be interesting to track my 2020 Driving data more frequently but not to the level of detail as the year end…

A Saying Becomes a New Years Resolution

So, I’m not one to make “New Years Resolutions,” and for the last 10 years I never have. I’m not going to get hung up on why I never did, because that’s in the past and is exactly what I want to move on from.

Moving Forward

I’m going to focus on 3 key things moving forward.

  1. Transparency
  2. Self Love
  3. Extroversion


Posting my endeavors and adventures, being open with my feelings and ideas. Expressing when I’m happy and when I’m crappy. I’ve noticed that when I mention my feelings or issues, I’m more inclined to address them.

Self Love

It’s important to take care…

Another year, another breakdown

Man, what a year 2019 was. I went to and from work most of the year but towards the end I upped and moved two thousand miles to once again go to and from work. So, after all of this, how did my numbers fair this year? The numbers are presented with the increase or decrease over 2018 in paranthesis.

  • I made 1,224 trips (+127)
  • I drove 15,736 miles (+1,917)
  • Spent 458 hours 20 minutes in my car (+15h25m)
  • Averaged 24.19MPG (-0.81)
  • Longest single trip was 292 miles (+190)
  • The average trip distance was 12.0148 (-0.5822) miles.
  • The longest trip…

Alex Glanville

Photography & Technology is my thing.

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