2020Q2 Driving Stats

Switched Car Trackers

Quarter 2


  • $578.09 on gas
  • $697.00 on Operations & Maintenance

Total 2019Q2 Expenses: $1,275.09 or 33.8¢ per mile.


  • $89.49 on gas
  • $156 on Operations & Maintenance

Total 2020Q2 Expenses: $245.49 or 21.09¢ per mile.

Impacts Visualized

When compared to 2019, the cut in driving is quite noticeable. In 2019Q2 I averaged 41 miles a day and in 2020Q2 I averaged 12 miles a day. However, out of the 91 days in the second quarter I drove 30 of those. So if I only count the days I drove in the second quarter, then my 2020Q2 average mileage was 38 miles a day.

2019Q2 has a negligible change since there’s only one day I didn’t drive (0.40 increase)

In case you’re curious, here is Q1 and Q2 together. The graph shows if I drove but not how far. I tried to come up with a better way to represent the data but I decided I liked this barcode display better. I started the quarantine pretty tightly but loosened up towards the end of the quarter. Again, that’s because I was house hunting and now that I have an accepted offer on a house I expect the driving to go down again.

Because I didn’t fill up my tank as often, only 4 times in Q2, I’ll continue to show the graph for all my fill ups so far in the year. The lowest I ever saw gas was for $1.12 at Costco on April 17th (not pictured), at the other gas stations around town it was $1.32. If folks had maximized their grocery shopping for the fuel saver discounts, they could have gotten gas for under $1.00 at some of the $1.32 stations.

Final Thoughts

Quarantine had a pretty decent impact on my daily driving. My cost per mile dropped slightly but that can be attributed to less driving and cheaper gas. I drove 400 miles less and spent $90 less on gas. Had things carried on as normal I would have increased my mileage from Q1.

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