ClickFYI: How’d it Come About?

As I mentioned in Part 1, I bought the URL back in 2015. I had said that comments on various fact posts on the image sharing community, imgur, inspired me to start developing this idea in 2017 but let’s jump into the bigger picture.

In December 2016 I left my current full time job. I wasnt happy in the role and felt like I had brighter prospects at an internship I had held since August that same year. But I was taking quite a pay cut as I went from working 60 hours a week at the one job to 20 or less at the internship.

Leaving the job was certainly a brash decision. I wanted out and, as a result, put absoultely no thought into the repercussions. Especially since this internship wasn’t a done-deal. I could be let go at the end of the year or a few months later; my original contract was until the end of December 2016 but they were lining up tasks for me into the start of 2017. In the end, my parents offered to pay my rent if I went back to school. So I did.

I enrolled at a community college. In the Spring 2017 semester I enrolled in an English class and a few others. In English we learned about writing research papers, citing sources, and other tools to aide in critical thinking. We learned to be critical of websites and printed media that lacked dates and sources. We were also introduced to the concept of bias in media. In the Summer, I enrolled in a single class, Critical Thinking; as it is a required course for graduating.

In this class we learned all about analyzing text as we read through “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” We viewed both sides of the issues presented by the author and Henriettas family. I could probably directly attribute the start of ClickFYi to this class. The teacher let us use any learning we accomplished outside of class as “homework hours.” As long as we were learning something, we could count it as homework.

The Summer session started in early June and went until mid-August. My first version of ClickFYI went live on July 27th. I unfortunetly don’t have any history before that, so I don’t know when I first started working on it. But, if I had to guess, it’d be around the start of July.

Finally, for the Fall semester I took Political Science. In this class we learned more about the bias that persists in our media, government, and idealogies. And, most importantly, how it influences decisions. It was through these series of classes that I realized what I was working on was important.

This site and these classes have reshapped what I want to do with my educational career. I shifted from Computer Networking to Web Development and also Graphic Design. I’m still deeply interested in Networking but it’s not as relevant to my interests as it once was. I’m taking web development courses so I can make ClickFYI better while continuing to learn. So, why not go after a degree and a certificate for the very thing I’m doing and accomplishing right now?

This is a really big deal for me. I enrolled in college when I graduated high school but dropped out. I was struggling to see the point of college when I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t listen to my parents who told me to continue pursuing the general classes and to take specialized classes when I decided on what I wanted “to do.” Now, about 8 years later I discovered what I really wanted to do and went (back) to school for it. Granted, I did change my major after a year but still, I’m back in school!

There are definitely moments when I ask myself if it’s really worth it and I fought with myself over signing up for Spring 2018 classes. That’s when I realized I should switch majors instead of dropping out again.

Failure is a strong and encompassing word. To say something failed is to imply that the efforts put in were for naught; to have basically given up. This project has not failed, nor will it fail. I’m not saying that because it’s been my pet project for the last 5 months I’m saying that because I’ve learned so much from this already. I last worked with web dev a few years ago so I’ve had a wonderful time learning the new functions that are replacing the depreciated functions I remember using. Prior to this I only had created a login portal to access one page, so I learned how to create a user sessions that persisted across multiple pages on the domain. Lastly, I introduced myself to Javascript.

As I covered above, this site switched me to my current educational career. It’s something I love doing and may never have considered before. This site may may not be successful but it is far from ever being a failure.

A lot! I’m going to continue to use this site to continue teaching myself. I plan to dive deeper into Javascript, for which I’ll be taking a class. There’s some planned elements of the site that would greatly benefit from javascript implementations, or perhaps another language as I have yet to understand the limitations of javascript.

I want to incorporate more information into the site, such as timelines, and question & answer topics. There’s a lot of directions to take this concept. I just need to be careful that I don’t lose focus. Just because there are lots of directions to take, doesn’t mean I need to take them all. So, making the right decisions is really important. I’ll be keeping an ear to the ground to make sure I can make those right decisions.

Secondly, I want to use this site as a stepping stone into mobile app development by creating a mobile app for the site. No telling when that’ll happen but it’s a path I want to take at some point.

For those that may have been curious, it did turn into a full time job with the company and I am incredibly happy. I’m excited to grow within the company.

Photography & Technology is my thing.