ClickFYI: The Design Evolution

As I stated in the second post, which you can read here, I am an extreme novice when it comes to creating a site style: I used a single column design, and an element that I called a “bubble” to hold information. Witness this below.

The very first design for ClickFYI (07/27/17)
The current ClickFYI design as of 01/06/18
A facts dedicated page (07/27/17)
Current dedicated page for facts (01/06/18)

The Logo

I really, really hated designing the logo. I’m not great with graphic design or coming up with original designs. One night I started brainstorming, I wanted to incorporate the name of the site into the logo but that’s where I was so confused. How do I visualize someone clicking on information?

The first iteration of the ClickFYI logo
Blue Dot version of the final logo

More on the QR Codes

QR codes are not permament. I’ve included them because I don’t have images to use or share. So, they’re in the fact bubble so it’s easy to get back to the page if a visitor screen shots the page. QR codes will be used but they’ll be embedded onto the images for each fact. Not sure when I’ll get images working, however. I have a general idea of how the fact images will look.

Photography & Technology is my thing.