Hindsight is 2020

A Saying Becomes a New Years Resolution

So, I’m not one to make “New Years Resolutions,” and for the last 10 years I never have. I’m not going to get hung up on why I never did, because that’s in the past and is exactly what I want to move on from.

Moving Forward

I’m going to focus on 3 key things moving forward.

  1. Transparency
  2. Self Love
  3. Extroversion


Posting my endeavors and adventures, being open with my feelings and ideas. Expressing when I’m happy and when I’m crappy. I’ve noticed that when I mention my feelings or issues, I’m more inclined to address them.

Self Love

It’s important to take care of oneself, and to not rely on others for your own happiness. I’ve always done what I loved but I need to motivate myself more, to get out and be extroverted and be more transparent with it.


I’ve always been a quiet individual. I love to spend a quiet night in rather than go to the clubs or parties. When I do go out I prefer to stay with a small group, I need to work on socializing with more groups when I’m out. I need to be better about putting myself out there and standing up for me.

Photography & Technology is my thing.