I’m Moving

The pursuit of mental health and financial well being.

It’s been an open secret for the last five or so years that I’ve wanted to leave the Bay Area for the Pacific North West. As far back as 2010 at Target, I was thinking that I could use the companies massive retail footprint to move. Though, it’s always been a dream.

With this decade coming to a close, a series of events has set this into motion and I’ll be moving to Minnesota in a few short weeks. It’s not the PNW but Minnesota contains everything I want out of a new place.

  • Little to no traffic
  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Real weather

Over the course of my working life, I’ve really come to resent the Bays traffic. Rush hour seems to be from 7a–10a and again from 3p-8p; when it takes you almost 60-90 minutes to go 17 miles it really makes you consider what you prioritize in life. For me, this issue was compounded with other factors.

One of the bigger goals in my life is to be a home owner by the age of 35. This would allow me to get a 30yr mortgage and pay it off when I’m 65 and can retire a few years later, thus retiring with no rent/mortgage and allowing me to live on less. Not that I’m implying that I’ll retire poor, but when you’re getting to an age where it’s hard to work you want to stretch any form of income you can and if I can eliminate a fixed cost like rent, that’s more money I don’t need to spend, or in other words withdraw.

This move is equal parts mental health and financial health. I cannot see a future for me in the Bay Area with how insanely homes are priced here. By moving, I open myself up to a better well being as I’ll be able to pursue hobbies and interests more openly and passionately.

This comes as a surprise, I know. I’m a fairly private individual as I don’t openly share what’s going on in my life. This isn’t a goodbye, there will be a guest room available should you want to visit. When flying be sure to wave as you’re above the fly-over states.

Photography & Technology is my thing.

Photography & Technology is my thing.