Review: Saal Digital Wall Decor

My thoughts on professional wall decor

It’s been about a year since I reviewed the Professional Photobook by Saal-Digital and I continue to get compliments on the book. I am — by no means — an expert photographer. I do occasionally take great photos but seeing photos outside of a screen on a tangible medium really elevates the beauty. So when I saw that Saal Digital was looking for people to test their new wall decor I jumped at the chance. Especially since my walls are bare, I moved to a new residence in late Summer last year and haven’t gotten a lot of artwork to add to my walls. And filling them with my photos is a perfect solution.

I didn’t know what I was going to print at first. This was my first full year in a new state since moving so I thought about printing a photo I took here in Minnesota or, from my road trip here.

I ultimately decided on a photo I captured a bit over 6 years ago in California.

I chose this photo because I always find myself going back to it, even after 6 years.

The Saal-Digital Software

Fig 2: SaalDesignSoftwareUSA

The software has seen a few small UI improvements since 2019. We now have the Products, our Projects, and our Cart in a menu docked to the left side of the application window.

Since I’m purchasing Wall Decor, let’s take a look at that screen.

Fig 3: Wall Decor (scrolled down)

At the top we see that the breadcrumbs are still present, which is handy are they are still clickable so you can go back to any point of your product selection. There are tons of options to chose from, as I’ve showed above. All the options are visible along with their current starting prices.

Multipart Wall Decor varies in price based on the selection.

Fig 4: Multipart Wall Decor Selection

Selections range from 2-part symmetric down to 9-part tiled. I wish the software utilized the dark gray space here, not exactly sure what info could be placed here though.

When editing a multipart wall decor, you have the option of having a single image span across every tile, you can put mutliple images on the tiles to create a custom collage, or you can choose one of the layouts Saal-Digital has created for you. These act as templates that can automatically organize the photos on the tiles.

However, I went with a Metal Print.

Fig 5: Project View

In Figure 5 we have the project view, this is the same view you’ll see for every Wall Decor project you start, the canvas will be different depending on your selection — for example the multipart wall decor will show each part and the spaces between them — but the tools around the canvas area are identical.

On the left you have the panel for finding your photo, or photos. The top panel has the ability to save, load, and adjust aspects of the canvas. On the right, we have templates which is useful if you are creating wall decor for an occasion. There are roughly 152 templates to choose from.

Fig 6: Some of the templates
Fig 7: Proceeding to Purchase

The Product

The result is phenomenal. It’s packaged rather thinly but it’s well protected. The whole print is super lightweight and easy to hold. I can’t even tell it’s a metal print, it feels like plastic. Which isn’t to knock on the product, it just wasn’t what I was expecting a metal print to be — and it’s worth mentioning I’ve never had a metal print before so my expectation was set from hyped up videos and photos from ads I’ve seen online of shiny metal sheets with photos on them.

I think this is far superior in terms of presentation and quality. I feel like a shiny metal print would be too reflective. Which may be a quality desired for colorful prints, but for a landscape I definitely enjoy subtleness of this wall decor metal print.

Fig 8: Wall Decor Packaging
Fig 9: Aluminum Subframe Tidbit w/ Link to Mounting

The aluminum subframe is a bit confusing as the product doesn’t ship with instructions or any additional mounting hardware.

Instead, they have mounting instructions on their website. It wasn’t super obvious to find on their website but after navigating around I was able to find a generic link to the mounting instructions. All in all, it was surprisingly easy to mount. I put new picture hanging hooks in the wall and they slotted in nicely.

Apologies for the lack of interesting things around the print to show size and make the photo come to life but I haven’t quite got around to filling my walls and floors with decor; I am super slow to hang artwork and get plants and other keystone furniture like bookshelves.

I’ll update the photo when I have more decor around.


I’ll definitely be buying more. As stated above my walls are embarrassingly bare so getting my photos printed on Wall Decor prints by Saal-Digital is exactly what I’ll be using to bring life and talking points to the rooms.

Follow through to Saal-Digital to learn more about Wall Decor and start your order!

Photography & Technology is my thing.