…users currently need to either enter the address they are going to once inside the car or turn to other map applications to navigate. This obviously creates some friction to the overall experience of driving…

You really hit one of my frustrations with the way vehicles — in general — integrate with maps and phones: You get into the car and then put in your destination. I really just want to get in my car and go.

I don’t have a Tesla, but I did upgrade the navigation unit in my car to a unit that supports Android Auto and CarPlay a few years back. It’s convenient to put a destination into the maps app and when I get into my car and plug in, my route is already displayed on the nav screen.

A few weeks ago I went a bit further and upgraded the head unit in my car to support wireless CarPlay & Android Auto. It’s amazing. The phone never leaves my pocket; it’s as if the car automatically knows where I’m going and it’s not a step back I’m willing to take.

If Tesla, or any other manufacturer, can understand and incorporate that level of connection between car and app, I wouldn’t really need Android Auto or CarPlay.

Photography & Technology is my thing.

Photography & Technology is my thing.